About Me


This is me.

Hello. This is me. I have a horrible dental occlusion which exacerbates the pain of my Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. I wear my $2 oversized Ocean State Job Lot sunglasses to balance out the enormity of my massive asymmetrical head. I like to sleep, a lot, and I often wake up in night sweats. I am quite pessimistic at times and despite the joker smile, I’m always depressed.

I like to knit and crochet. I hope to like to write. I used to be a musician. When I have time and actually remember to, I read books, mostly when I’m on the toilet, if I’m not already playing Solitaire on my phone.

I live with Dave. We have no kids. We want to keep it that way. We have two dogs and a cat. Pebbles is a Portuguese Podengo and Alfie is a blue Australian Cattle dog. Pebbles sleeps standing up. We haven’t figured this out. Lily is our resident tiny-tiger who thinks the floor is lava and therefore must use every countertop as her landing pads.


This is Pebbles.

I like to swim but never had a pool. I don’t really like swimming in bodies of water that have other life I cannot see. I have too many nightmares about sea creatures. I love the New England Aquarium, but I do not love their admission prices.


This is Mama Brahma.

I also like chickens. I take care of a few. Their names are: Mama Brahma, Baby Brahma, Nugget, Squirt, Ginger, Rexy, Wilhelmina, Lila, Chewy, Raven, and Periwinkle.

***This is all I can update for now (04/13/2016) It’s depressing to omit those you’ve lost over the last seven months.

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