Pickin’ Up Chickens

It all started when I was little. Actually, I don’t exactly know when it started, I just remember being obsessed with chickens. My family never had chickens, I never frequented farms, and the closest I came to contact was holding a baby chick in kindergarten and hoping to dear God that it didn’t poop on me. Thankfully, it pooped on someone else.

gonzo-camilla-newThere wasn’t a famous chicken I didn’t like. The chickens Ginger_Chicken_Runin Disney’s animated Beauty and The Beast first come to mind. And who can forget about Camilla from The MuppetsChicken Run was released in 2000 and 12 years later I would name a hen after the main character, Ginger, for her incredible likeness of escape tactics.

Here is my ideal future flock:

1. Black Polish Bantam Frizzle; 2. Lavender Orpington; 3. Lemon Cuckoo Orpington; 4. Speckled Sussex


And I just found out about this little fuzzy gem…


And they need somewhere to live:

Wooden Wonders Chicken Coop

Of course they would live comfortably in a hobbit hole. Cozy in what I would figure to be their natural hobbitat. Perhaps edible plants at their doorstep? And a moss-covered roof?

Click on this link.

Peg & Cat Pickin’ Up Chickens

You’re welcome.


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